11 Affordable Ethical & Sustainable Underwear Brands

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Ethical and Sustainable Underwear Brands for Women

A great outfit starts with a great foundation. Underwear is the first thing we put on and it should be comfortable and make you feel confident. Check out the list of affordable ethical and sustainable underwear brands for women below.

If you’ve been on the hunt for responsibly made, sustainable and comfortable underwear check out my favorite ethical lingerie brands below. I love to share small ethical brands you may not know. Check them all out here.

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affordable sustainable underwear brands

What is the most sustainable underwear?

There are now many options for sustainable underwear from sexy, special event styles to everyday cotton undies. An ethical sustainable underwear brand will offer comfort, eco-friendly fabric options, antibacterial fabrics like organic cotton, moisture wicking and odor reducing qualities.

Some of the top sustainable underwear brands in 2022 include Boody, Pact, All Birds, Cosabella, Knickey, Girlfriend Collective and Organic Basics. Whatever your style preference, there is an ethical underwear brand for you.

1. Boody

eco friendly underwear women love

Ethical and Sustainable: made from OEKO-TEX certified organic bamboo viscose fabric that is odor resistant, soft, breathable and thermoregulating.

Products: underwear, bras, socks and active wear

Price: Underwear start at $13.95

Size Range: XS-4XL

Boody believes in simple designs, eco-friendly materials, and sustainable manufacturing. They has more than just affordable ethical & sustainable underwear – they offer activewear, bras, and socks for the whole family.


2. Pact

eco friendly organic underwear for women in 2022

Ethical & Sustainable: made from soft, breathable GOTS certified organic cotton and finished in fair trade factories.

Products: underwear, bras, socks, activewear and clothing for the whole family

Price: underwear start at $14

Size Range: XS – XXL

Pact is on a mission to be an earth friendly brand from seed to finished products. They go to great lengths to ensure ethical and sustainable production by partnering with GOTS certified farms & fair trade production facilities.


3. All Birds

11 affordable ethical & sustainable underwear brand for women

Ethical & Sustainable: carbon neutral sustainable underwear made from tencel, merino wool and spandex that is naturally moisture wicking

Products: underwear, socks, activewear and shoes for the whole family

Price: underwear start at $18

Size Range: XS – XXXL

All Birds, one of the best affordable sustainable underwear brands is carbon neutral thanks to their sustainability practices. Their materials are antibacterial and thermoregulating. All Birds is also a certified B-Corporation.



ethical eco friendly affordable underwear women love

Ethical & Sustainable: made from eco-friendly hemp and organic cotton, anti-bacterial, durable and breathable underwear

Products: underwear and bralettes

Price: $24

Size Range: XS – 3XL

WAMA is one of the best affordable eco-friendly underwear brands. Women love their sustainable underwear made in BSCI certified factories in China. They guarantee their products with a zero questions asked return and exchange policy on your first pair.


5. Organic Basics

affordable sustainable underwear review 2022

Ethical & Sustainable: made from GOTS certified organic cotton, ethically made providing living wages and no child labor.

Products: underwear, bras, and clothing basics

Price: underwear start at $27

Size Range: XXS – XL

Organic Basics is a best affordable sustainable underwear brand as a certified B-corp and a part of 1% for the planet. They go to great lengths to ensure sustainability throughout their product cycle and pay employees living wages. Eco-friendly underwear made from natural materials that are soft and durable.


6. Knickey

sustainable under brand for women

Ethical & Sustainable: GOTS & OEKO-TEK certified organic cotton, ethical manufacturing from seed to you, climate neutral production & shipping

Products: underwear & bralettes (maternity available)

Price: underwear start at $17

Size Range: XXS – XXXL

Knickey touts non-toxic, sustainable underwear made from certified organic cotton. They even recycle old, tired undies into batting, insulation and thread as yet another sustainability initiative.


7. Cosabella

eco friendly lace underwear for women sustainable sexy

Ethical & Sustainable: sustainable lace underwear handcrafted in Italy by ethical, family owned workshops

Products: underwear, bras, lingerie and pajama sets including options for tweens and men

Price: $19+

Size Range: S-XL

Cosabella beautifully crafts eco-friendly lace underwear and lingerie using Renaissance-era techniques. Made from lace, mesh and satin-like fabrics, Cosabella offers over 2,000 styles in 100+ colors using natural dyes.


8. tentree

affordable eco friendly underwear women review

Ethical & Sustainable: Certified B-corp, Climate Neutral Certified, WRAP, BSCI, SA8000 and Fair Trade certified manufacturing

Products: underwear, bras & full clothing line for the whole family

Price: underwear $18

Size Range: XS – XL

tentree is among the most affordable sustainable underwear brands available. Their products are made with efo-friendly tencel and organic cotton in ethical factories where workers receive fair wages and adequate rest days. Tentree plants 10 trees for every item sold and is Climate Neutral Certified, one of their many impressive sustainability initiatives.


9. Made Trade

cute sustainable underwear for women prints pattern

Ethical & Sustainable: fair trade, ethical, sustainable and carbon neutral

Products: underwear, bras and clothing

Price: underwear start at $24

Size Range: XS – 3XL

Made Trade has affordable eco friendly underwear women love. They carry a variety of sustainable brands worth supporting that are fair trade, ethically produced using sustainable and eco friendly materials. You can find ethical underwear made from materials like bamboo, TENCEL, and organic cotton in fun prints and natural dyes. Even find wedgie proof sustainable underwear at Made Trade.


10. KOTN

organic cotton sustainable ethical underwear

Ethical & Sustainable: B-Corp certified, natural, biodegradable materials, give back to Egytian communities, BCI certified organic cotton, fair labor standards, and OEKO-TEX certified non-toxic dyes

Products: underwear, bras and clothing for women and men

Price: starts at $22 or mix & match 3 for $30

Size Range: XS-XXL

KOTN underwear is made from the softest Egyptian cotton that is breathable and smooth. Dyed with non-toxic OEKO-TEX certified eco-friendly dyes, KOTN underwear are available in multiple colors and styles. KOTN forms long-term relationships within the communities they manufacturing, by paying above local fair wages and giving back to provide education for local children.


11. Girlfriend Collective

affordable sustainable underwear for women review

Ethical & Sustainable: SA8000 certified ethical production, WRAP Certified, OEKO-TEK certified fabrics, eco-friendly recycled fabrics & packaging and inclusive sizing

Products: underwear, bras, swim and activewear

Price: underwear start at $18

Size Range: XXS – 6XL

Girlfriend Collective creates all of their eco-friendly underwear and products from recycled and recyclable materials like water bottles, old fishing nets and fabric scraps. Their clothing is ethically made ensuring employees are well paid well. Girlfriend Collective covers everything from size inclusivity, eco-friendly dyes, post consumption recycling to making sure the outmost comfort is achieved.


This post is all about affordable ethical & sustainable underwear brands for women in 2022.

There are now many options for affordable ethical & sustainable underwear for women. You can have organic cotton eco friendly undies in almost any cute print or color you want. Are you looking for women’s sustainable lace underwear ethically made? Yep, you can have that too. All of the above mentioned ethical sustainable underwear brands will provide just what you are hunting for.

What to find sustainable clothing brand worth supporting? You can find my full list of favorite ethical brands here!

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