15+ Intentional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Now more than ever I want to shop on purpose, support small businesses and fair trade, ethical companies. All of these Intentional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas just might be my own wish-list and a hint to my husband, but I think any Mom who loves ethical and sustainable gifts would appreciate these.

The Known Necklace

Obviously I already have this personalized disc necklace from Sela Designs. It is my most loved and worn necklace besides my wedding rings. It has all 4 of my kids’ initials on it. I love the 14k gold fill version, but its also available in sterling silver. I wear mine 16″ long.

Indie Lee Face Mask

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I-Waken Resurfacing Mask

I’ve been using Indie Lee skincare for a while now and love their clean beauty products. What Mom wouldn’t appreciate a quiet spa night for Mother’s Day, mask included? This mask boasts clearer, brighter skin as a result. Sign me up! I really want to try this new mask.

I regularly use and love Indie Lee’s Purifying Face Wash and Gentle Daily Peel Pads.

Missio Hair Products

These hair products are not only free of harmful chemicals, but they give back 30% of all profit to fight human trafficking all over the world! Now that’s a business I want to give my money to.

I’ve just started using this styling spray & it’s fantastic. The Styling Creme is on my wish list. Truth: my husband would never buy me hair products so I’ll probably just treat myself to this one and completely switch over to this line once my other shampoo/conditioner is gone.

Handmade Mug

15+ Mother's Day Gift Ideas
The Mug

I love hand made pottery. Sipping my coffee from a handmade piece of art is just the best. I bought this exact one for my Mom’s birthday last year & she loves it so much she wants no other type of mug from here on out. There’s something about the lip of mug that is so smooth to drink from. I’ll take one in every color, please.

Preemptive Love Shop

My intent was to pick one thing to share from Preemptive Love, but I couldn’t narrow it down! I have 2 of these things already & love them.

Preemptive Love does work in war torn areas. They are the first ones in to provide aid and the last ones to leave. Their work is incredible and I’m always happy to support them.

The candles and soap are made by refugees, providing sustainable jobs that are restoring communities and changing lives. Ethical Mother’s Day gift ideas that give back in such a big way. I love that so much!

Claire Earrings

gifts that give back mother's day gift ideas
Claire Earrings

My Mom requested these Sela Designs Claire Earrings for Mother’s Day. She said she’d take any color! There are 8 colors and 2 sizes to choose from. I think she’s getting a white birch pair (shhh don’t tell her).

All profit from Sela Designs is going to end human trafficking, care for orphans and show mercy to those in need. It’s a gift that keeps giving and changes the world.

Tradlands Dress

I have fallen so hard for the Tradlands Spring Collection. I can’t help myself. Is one of each too much? I’ve been drooling over these dresses for the last couple of weeks. They seem perfect Spring, Summer, and Fall, especially the copper one! Wouldn’t this be a great Mother’s Day gift???

Leather Mules

And since there’s a new dress new shoes come next, right? Ha! I’ve been eyeing Nisolo Mules for 2 years. Maybe my husband will pull the trigger? (that’s a not so subtle hint).

Here’s one of the secret reasons I think mules are great besides comfort and how cute they are: they cover a world of sins aka unpainted toe nails in desperate need of a pedicure. I feel like these shoes save us money. See how I rationalized this purchase already?!

The Flora Necklace

I love this sweet layering necklace. It’s 14k Gold Fill so it’ll last for years and years. Each pendant is hand stamped and carefully made. I wear mine 20 inches long and layer it with my Known Necklace.

Write the Word Journal

intentional mother's day gift ideas
Write the Word

Writing Scripture helps keep me sane. When I’m worried and full of anxiety I sit down and write Scripture. It soothes me and puts my mind in a better place. I like that this journal has prompts for the days I don’t know where to start.

I love these Write the Word Journals from Cultivate What Matters. They have planners and other journaling products, but this one is my favorite. They have several different themes. Mine is Cultivate Joy.

Air Pods

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Image from Apple.com

In all honesty, Air Pods wouldn’t usually find a place on my Mother’s Day wish-list, but after two months of quarantine thanks to Covid-19 I’m desperate for quiet space or music in my ears. While I appreciate my Apple ear buds, the idea of no wires is very appealing right now.

Wifi Enabled Picture Frame

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Wifi Picture Frame

We bought this for my parents for Christmas and my Mother in law for Mother’s Day last year. Both LOVE it! All of us kids have an app on our phones to easily send new photos to the frame anytime we want. We can also email the photos to a custom email address connected to the frame. It’s so easy and helps the grandparents feel connected from a distance.

Plants or Tree from local nursery

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Photo source

My husband about fell over when I asked for some rose bushes and apple trees for Mother’s Day a couple years ago. I’m a terrible gardener, but wanted something lasting to remind me of each of the kids.

My Mom often asks for a new type of tree or plant for Mother’s Day. I love that we can support a local small business with this gift and my Mom is always thrilled.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

mother's day gift ideas for coffee lovers

You can’t go wrong with freshly roasted coffee for any coffee lover. I love small-batch coffee that’s roasted to perfection. The Preacher and His Wife is my favorite place to shop for coffee. They have great coffee beans, fast shipping, and excellent customer service.

That’s 15+ Ethical and Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I hope this guide is helpful for you anytime you need an ethical or fair trade gift for a Mom in your life – Mother’s Day or not, Moms can always use a little pick me up! Let me know if you try any of these ideas!

If you need more ideas of ethical companies to buy from here’s a list of my favorites!

15 Intentional Mother's Day Gift Ideas gift guide

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