Spring Outfit Inspiration Shopping your own Closet

There are few ways to be more consumer conscious than shopping your own closet. But when a new season rolls around, it can be hard to get fresh inspiration looking at the same old pieces you stare at every day. Since stopping my fast fashion addiction, I try really hard to not overbuy – my bank account & the planet thank me. So, let’s talk about how to make exciting spring outfits using what you already have in your own closet.

Before I dive into this I want to take a minute to tell you how I approach shopping: I don’t spend hours and hours and make lists that get edited 100xs. I simply think about “do I really need that?’ and “will I wear it for years and years?” I consider trends vs. classic style and purchase accordingly. I don’t mind a couple trendier pieces in my closet, but I want the majority to be classic pieces that can be styled over and over.


spring outfits shopping your own closet
Denim Jacket (similar)

I love a good jumpsuit. Though in some ways this can be considered a trendier piece, the classic black and flattering shape makes it a piece I know I’ll be wearing for a long time.

This is a piece that’s easy to add a few completer pieces (denim jacket, button up shirt tied at the waistline, a cardigan or light sweater) and accessories to and you have a great outfit. Just adding statement earrings or some layering necklaces will take this from day to night. And yes, you can also throw on sneaks and a cargo jacket to head to the park.

You can see all the ways I’ve styled it here.

Classic White Top

spring outfit inspiration
Jeans (similar)

This top has some pretty great lace texture and details. If you have a classic white button down you can get the same look. Adding the belt and front tuck add interest and give it a modern feel.

The distressed jeans are a great pairing for making it feel more Spring. I don’t know about you, but I live in a cold climate and distressed jeans aren’t an option in the winter. My legs can breathe again when Spring comes.

Have you tried pairing a feminine top and masculine bottom? I love it! The classic huarache sandals and simple accessories make the whole outfit light and airy – just the feeling we want when coming up with Spring outfits.


classic spring style inspo
Skirt (secondhand)

Let’s talk about a great skirt – I picked up this one at a garage sale. Did you know shopping secondhand is the most sustainable option? Anyway…

The length is perfect for my taller frame (I’m 5’7″) and I love the classic pattern. I can wear this skirt in most seasons, but how to make it great for Spring – it’s the details.

Huarache sandals are my favorite for Spring because it’s still a bit cooler weather, they have coverage and are so darn comfortable. The knotted sweater detail gives interest at the waistline and is a fun current trend.

This is how you take a sweater from Fall to Spring. It’s lightweight, made of breathable organic cotton not overly heavy. It’s great for a variety of temps depending on what you wear underneath. When you do make a purchase think about what a garment is made of and if it’ll be wearable in multiple seasons.

Graphic Tee

easy spring outfits for moms
High Rise Skinny Jeans

Apparently I can’t keep my eyes open for photos…

I love a good graphic tee! And yes, this one is my Spring tee. I mean, come on, those wild flowers scream Spring! But here’s the great thing – the soft colors can be paired with anything. The white and white is a total Spring outfit for me, but pairs beautifully with dark wash skinny jeans, the distressed jeans above, skirts, olive pants, and even over the jumpsuit above.

A great graphic tee is classic and so easy to style. The style part comes in with accessories – a belt, a full, front or side tuck, cute earrings and a stack of bracelets. Add in great sandals, sneakers or slides and you are all set.

Tees in Versatile Colors

shop your own closet for conscious consumers
High rise skinny jeans

Yes, I do own more than one pair of shoes, but honestly, I wear these on repeat in the Spring. I don’t need 10 pairs. These are versatile and high quality so they last.

Let’s talk about the classic tee for a moment, shall we? I’ve found that high-quality tees go for miles. Cheap tees simply don’t last and end up getting tossed quickly. Buy quality and it’ll cost you less in the long run.

Tip: pick versatile colors! I love mustard any time of year, but especially good for Spring and Fall. A basic tee is so easy to add to depending on weather and this classic cut never goes out of style.

I know I’m a broken record here, but this same tee becomes so versatile by changing up the bottoms and accessories. Obviously, white bottoms can be worn anytime – fashion rules are a thing of the past, but I still think they are extra great in the Spring. Keep accessories light and airy.

classic tee versatile style high quality

Ok, so here’s a quick summary of my tips for Spring Outfits using what you have:

  1. Pair classic styles with completer pieces (jackets, cardigans, button down tied).
  2. Choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable for a variety of seasons. Lightweight sweaters are perfect for layering.
  3. Accessories, accessories, accessories – they make clothes an outfit. Keep it light for Spring.
  4. A great pair of sandals will go for miles if you buy a classic style that’s made well.
  5. Adding light colored bottoms, skirts or distressed jeans will make your outfit feel more like Spring.
  6. Quality tees can be styled endlessly. Always choose colors based on what you love, not trends and then you’ll want to wear them in every season.

What else would you add? What are some of your most versatile pieces you wear for multiple seasons?

spring style inspiration from your own closet

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