Gift Guide by Enneagram Type

I’m so excited to share this gift guide based on Enneagram type with you! I love giving gifts and I love the Enneagram. The challenge of finding a gift a friend or loved one will cherish is something I relish in.

Here’s my guide gift based on Enneagram type featuring Sela Designs Jewelry:

Enneagram 1:

Classic, timeless styles, 14k gold fill & clean lines.

Taken directly from an Enneagram 1, “for a 1, shop off our lists. Like exactly…cause you know we provided links!”

This gave me a good laugh, but if for some reason the Enneagram 1 in your life didn’t give you a list, check out the suggestions above.

Enneagram 2:

Something special for someone who serves others constantly. Remind them of the ones they hold dear with initials stamped on the Known Necklace.

And they can wear their festive Ellen Hoops while cooking up a storm throughout the Holiday Season.

Enneagram 3:

Stunning. Show-stopping. Modern. All in the details for the Enneagram 3.

Important detail about a Cleo Cuff: choose words that would speak life and positive reinforcement to remind an Enneagram 3 that they are loved for who they are, not for what they can do.

Enneagram 4:

Unique. Calming. One of a kind pieces.

Enneagram 5:

Classic. Symmetric. Stunning.

The Enneagram 5’s in my life like consistency. They have a classic style and take time to make each thoughtful decision. Simple pieces that pair well with everything are their favorites.

Enneagram 6:

Loyal. Timeless. Secure.

I love the Mae tagua necklace for Enneagram 6’s. It’s made from tagua nuts that grow in the Amazon Rainforest, providing sustainable jobs for local artisans who harvest, cut and dye the pieces. The Red is stunning, stands the test of time and never lets you down.

Enneagram 7:

The life of the party. FUN! Always up for an adventure & willing to try something new.

Enneagram 8:

Decisive. Bold. Fights for Justice.

Jewelry that pleads the cause of the afflicted and hurting, what could be a better fit for an Enneagram 8? I love how an 8 will fight for the underdog and stand for justice.

Enneagram 9:

Peaceful. Harmony. Acceptance. All the things an Enneagram 9 brings to the world.

Note: I’m not an expert in the Enneagram, nor do I have professional training. This Gift Guide Based on Enneagram Type is simply based on my relationships, knowledge and experience with each type.

Gift Guide by Enneagram type

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