Summer Capsule, Day 7 & 8

Capsule wardrobes are simply the best – all of my decisions are basically already made. It makes getting ready in the morning quicker, which is especially nice for those of us who are not morning people. Here are my looks from my 30 Piece Summer Capsule, Day 7 & 8.

Summer Capsule, Day 7

After a weekend flood in our basement, I had to spend a day cleaning my studio and sorting wet leather. I managed to stick with my capsule pieces. I was pretty proud of myself for that.

These sweat shorts just might be the most comfortable shorts ever. I was between sizes so I went up knowing that ABLE bottoms have been running small IMO this year compared to last year. I’m wearing the medium. I love the slightly longer length and big pockets.

This lightweight sweatshirt is probably my most worn capsule piece so far even though it hasn’t been pictured a ton. I’ve been grabbing it in the cool mornings and evenings. We’ve had a pretty chilly June, but I think that’s going to change next week.

Outfit details:

Summer Capsule, Day 8

Can I make a confession? So far, this was my least favorite look. I love all of the pieces separately and with other things but for some reason it just didn’t translate well in a picture. I even re-did the pictures thinking it was me being awkward & I just couldn’t seem to find a shot I loved – true honesty right there. Maybe someday I’ll share the outtakes. Haha.

Despite all of that this is what I wore. That leather backpack has been great for carrying around my laptop and oodles of work notebooks. I like to write a lot down as it seems to help keep my brain from going constantly.

Outfit details:

You can check out all of my capsule daily looks here and my full 30 Piece Summer Capsule here. Have you ever tried a capsule wardrobe? Do you find it freeing or confining?

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