Summer Capsule, Day 9 & 10

The Summer Capsule Wardrobe is in full swing & we are already a third of the way done with today’s post. It goes quickly, but I love the intention behind capsule wardrobes and minimizing decision fatigue in the mornings. I need that brain power for other creative things like designing for Sela Designs. Here are my Summer Capsule Day 9 & 10 looks.

Slow Fashion Capsule Wardrobe linen tencel wide leg crop pants, smocked crop top, bucket bag by Ashleigh Becker

I saved a space in the capsule for this top and I just got it this week. I knew it would be a winner! Also, let’s give the smocking texture a moment, shall we?

This top is a crop top, but if you aren’t comfortable showing any skin in the midriff it is just long enough with high rise bottoms. Another idea: size up for extra length. The texture of this fabric is really soft. Sometimes smocking can feel rough or itchy for my sensitive skin, but this one is awesome. I’m really impressed. I stayed in my usual size (wearing a small).

I’ve talked about these linen / tencel blend pants in more detail here, but they are so comfortable & wrinkle less than traditional linen pants. I’m in my usual size in these as well.

Outfit details:

Summer Capsule Day 10

Best tshirt color ever award goes to – Peat Moss by American Giant. Do I have a slight flair for the dramatic? Maybe, you decide. Either way, I’m loving this organic cotton tee with the classic v-neck. I’ve decided V-neck’s are for me. I love that I can layer necklaces with them and they open up my broad shoulders.

Finally got to break out some denim shorts! If white shorts make you nervous (every Mom raises her hand), I highly recommend trying this Ecru color. You’ll be able to sit on the front step with your little and not worry about a dirty bum. I always size up in shorts and I’d say definitely go up in these.

Outfit details:

This is the last Summer Capsule post with two days at a time (for now, anyway). Although I’ll admit I kinda like the two day format. What do you think?

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