Summer Capsule Wardrobe Day 24-30

This is the last of my Slow Fashion Summer Capsule Wardrobe outfits. It’s been a fun challenge to stick to wearing just 30 pieces, including shoes, for a whole month. There are so many benefits to wearing a capsule wardrobe. One of my favorite things is it makes getting dressed so easy – less decision fatigue is a win in my book.

I learned a lot during this challenge and also solidified some things about how I like to get dressed. There’s a little recap about things I loved and what I’ll change next time at the end of this post. First, here are the rest of my outfits:

summer capsule wardrobe denim shorts
Earrings, Necklace, Tee, Shorts, Sandals, Bag

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Day 24

At this point we are repeating pieces everyday and I’ve realized some patterns in what I reach for. I absolutely love the color and quality of this tee. It’s from American Giant (major favorite of mine). They nail it every time with such quality construction, classic fits & great seasonal colors.

I find American Giant runs TTS all around – ponte pants (theee best!), sweatshirts, basic tees and athletic wear. Their size charts are accurate and never steer me wrong. Use code SELA for 20% off your first purchase.

summer capsule wardrobe mom outfit
Hat (old), Earrings, Necklaces, Tank, Jeans, Sandals

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Day 25

This lemon tank was one of my favorite pieces in the whole capsule. I wore it a ton even if you didn’t always see it. It’s a great layering piece. It’s really well made from organic cotton and a very affordable price point – under $30 when you use code ASHLEIGH20.

tradlands sweater and pants ashleigh becker blogger
Earrings, Sweater, Pants, Sandals

Summer Capsule Day 26

Another favorite repeat look from earlier in the month. Call it monochrome, stick of butter, oatmilk latte, whatever your pleasure. It’s comfy, well-made pieces and so easy to wear. Tip: choose nude/skin tone briefs vs. other types of undies. Tuck your top into those briefs and it will disappear.

slow fashion capsule wardrobe outfit
Earrings, Necklace, Tank, Cardigan, Linen Pants, Sandals

Summer Capsule Day 27

Apparently I could not keep my eyes open this day. Haha. These linen pants were an easy grab and go look for me. They paired well with almost all of my tops. This cardigan saved me while working in AC all day. You can see this look without the cardigan here.

summer capsule wardrobe able clothing outfit review
Earrings, Necklace, Tank, Jacket, Shorts, Sandals, Bag

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Day 28

This is the comfiest summer outfit. It looks totally put together, but let me tell you these shorts are the comfiest shorts ever! I went with my bigger size as I typically do in shorts and they are perfect. Grab them for 15% off with code ASHLEIGH15.

chic slow fashion sustainable style blogger Ashleigh Becker
Earrings, Necklace, Top, Shorts, Sandals, Belt, Bag, Sunnies

Summer Capsule Wardrobe day 29

I added these paper bag shorts to the capsule before I received them and they were so fun to style. I tried them with two different belts (see the other here) and liked this width the best. They were so chic, easy to dress up and down. They run true to size. If in doubt or between sizes I suggest sizing up. Get 15% off with code ASHLEIGH15.

summer capsule 30 pieces for 30 days Ashleigh Becker
Tank, Shorts, Bag, Belt, Sandals

Summer Capsule Day 30

I had to end with the fun lemon tank. Another great monochromatic look for a hot summer day.

What I learned from a 30 Piece Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

It’s been a few years since I did a capsule wardrobe challenge for this long. I think a 30 piece challenge is actually easier than a 10×10 challenge (10 pieces for 10 days). That said, I spent a ton of time choosing my pieces and trying to consider everything that would happen in the month.

The biggest challenge was the huge temperature swings. We went from the low 60s to mid 90s within a two week span. If I could do it over this is what I would change:

  • Less tops & more bottoms.
  • Less shoes. Definitely didn’t need 4 pairs. 2 would have been enough.
  • Skip the skirt and one less dress. I like to challenge myself to wear more skirts and dresses, but at the end of the day jeans and wide leg pants are my go-to.
  • One comfy sweatshirt. On the weekends especially I wished I would have had a couple loungewear pieces.

There were also some major successes including my favorite creative moment – turning a dress into a skirt (another reason why I didn’t need the extra skirt). I also loved having several very classic pieces i.e. black tank, denim shorts, button up top, and wide leg jeans.

Once again I realize that I do love basics and accessories are where it’s at! I prefer to have a small wardrobe that can easily be mixed and matched. I don’t mind wearing neutral colors over and over if I can have lots of accessories. Earring & layering necklaces are my favorite! Add in a few belts, bags and shoes and you really don’t need a ton of clothes.

I’m looking forward to building another capsule wardrobe for Fall! Have you tried a capsule yet? Want to join me and try it this Fall? Check out my full Summer Capsule here and all of the outfits I put together here.

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